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Fic: Taste Like Honey; Fic: 16 Candles

Title; Taste Like Honey
Fandom; Gossip Girl
Pairing/Character(s); Nate/Jenny
Rating; Teen

Her lips skated against his, caressing softly, gently before deepening the kiss. He loved the feel of her lips against his. Her lips tasted divine, sweet and sticky. It was a taste he was familiar with but couldn’t never figure out exactly what it was. He loved the taste her lips produced, putting it high on his list of favorite things.

He’d been with many of woman before, but they all paled in comparison when it came to Jenny. She was a new bread, something so much different from the rest. Her individuality was the main reason Nate was drawn to her. She spoke her mind, not caring what others thought. When he was with other woman, there was no spark, no passion, or fire. They were all the same, sewed into one person.

When Nate kissed Jenny's lips, his entire world stopped, the only thing he could see or feel was her. She provoked feelings in him like no other person ever could. Her smell was intoxicating, claiming him as its own. Everything about her was wonderful. The feel of her lips on his was his heaven, her taste the only thing he ever wanted; needed.She tasted sugary sweet; just like honey.

Title; 16 Candles
Fandom; Gossip Girl
Pairing/Character(s); Nate/Jenny
Rating; Teen

She was sitting on a bench in the park, her hair flying all around her against the windy season. It was her 16th birthday, the supposedly happiest day of her life, and she was sitting cold and alone in an almost empty park. She was suppose to spend her birthday with her family, playing board games, and having a good time.Instead it ended in a monstrous disaster, leaving her sad and alone.

"Jenny?", the voice called out to her.

She raised her head, noticing Nate coming her way. "Hey."

"Hey." He sat down next to her and smiled. They hadn't really spoken to one another since their fallout at the Snow Flake Ball, making the situation a little awkward. "What are you doing out here alone?"

Jenny sighed, kicking the ground with her feet. "I had no where else to go."

The two of them just sat there, watching the water across from them, the flow of the liquid.

"Oh, I almost forgot." Nate said, pulling something from his pocket. It was a tiny box wrapped in pink paper, completed wish a bow. He handed it to Jenny. "For your birthday."

"Thanks." She smiled, unwrapping the present. Jenny gasp, picking up the small diamond bracelet. "Wow."

"I saw it in the store and instantly thought of you," he proclaimed.

Jenny looked over at him, shocked. "Nate, I can't accept this."

"Look, Jenny, I know we haven't really talked in a while, but I want to make things right with you," he confessed, leaning towards her. "I want us to be friends again."

He reached over, taking the bracelet from her hand, clamping it on her wrist. "It's beautiful," she whispered.

"I miss you." He told her, sincerely. "Friends?".

Jenny nodded, smiling. "I miss you, too."

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